Benefits of the Gay Provence membership

Take advantage of our expertise, reputation and referencing

Since its foundation in March 2001, Gay Provence has been continually increasing both the number of services offered and the number of customers reached.

Today it numbers:

Flecheover 900 members (accommodation, activities and others in the tourist industry).

Fleche60,000 different visitors every month, with constantly increasing traffic.

Efficient, targeted SEO: our website features excellent search engine optimisation and appears in the first few search results from Google, Yahoo etc. for the keywords gay, gay France or  gay hotel, for example.

Knowledge of the world of tourism: themed breaks, sports, beaches, local curiosities... Gay Provence is an information relay-station about the many tourist activities offered by its members. Gay Provence is about local knowledge, curiosity and getting the most out of life!

We have communication and advertising tools both on and off the net:

Several complementary websites. Members can use all these sites  to advertise their accommodation  or activities.
the benchmark site for gay, lesbian and gay friendly holiday accommodation. Hotels, B & Bs, rentals or hostels, both in France and abroad.
the Gay Provence tourist guide, offering guides to all the regions and towns where the Gay Provence network can be found, with  restaurants, activities, shopping, beaches, museums…
on line magazine updated daily, with ideas for themed breaks, tourist trips, cultural events and festivals, sports events etc.

Gay Provence publishes a monthly newsletter which is sent to its 10,000 subscribers.

Offline advertising materials :

FlecheThe asssociation publishes and distributes  over 20,000 flyers every year.

Fleche20,000 copies of Gay Provence annual magazine are published each year. The guide is distributed by tourist offices, Gay Provence partners at exhibitions attended by Gay Provence.

FlecheGay Provence attends all the main exhibitions (ITB berlin, Mondial du Tourisme Paris, B&B expo Brussels.)

FlechePress relations: communication of press releases, press meetings in conjunction with various public partners (local/regional tourist boards, Maison de la France...).

FlecheConferences: we organise conferences for our members so that they can benefit from others’ experience, share good practice, act collectively and thus create a mutual support network.

Promoting quality and a state of mind

All our partner members (hotels, B&Bs, holiday homes, restaurants) sign up to the Gay Provence Quality and Commitment Charter, which guarantees commitment to both quality services and a non-discriminatory mind-set.

For internet users, the Charter guarantees a great holiday for anyone staying in Gay Provence recommended accommodation. See the Gay Provence Quality Charter.
Gay Provence is not just a website, it is a veritable support network: we aim to encourage members to share information and experiences by providing a forum for service-providers in the tourist industry, where they can exchange practical, useful information.

Our Promise

 By promoting gay and gay friendly holiday products we promise to: